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The Naturally Hawaiian Story

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In our youth we ran deep into our mother’s arms. Here we felt nurtured and safe. This was not the wonderful woman who bore us, but our other mother - the forest, Papa, ‘aina, the living Earth.


At a sacred spring we pondered our life’s course.  A life dedicated to the perpetuation of Hawaii’s Natural Heritage. Surrounded by the fragrant breath of the wind, submerged beneath her healing water of life, Waiola, it is here that Naturally Hawaiian came to life...

The Naturally Hawaiian Logo


While hiking through a dense section of native forest the Naturally Hawaiian Logo revealed itself to me in an instant. Centered within a Hapu’u tree fern, two emerging shoots created an image of nourishment and enlightenment.


The symbol embodied the spirit of nurturing passed from one frond shoot to the next and enlightenment as each robust frond unfolded, spreading its greatness unto the world.


Naturally Hawaiian T-Shirts

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Naturally Hawaiian Koa Brimmed Caps

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*Naturally Hawaiian is a Federally Registered Trade Name of Patrick Ching.

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