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Have you ever wondered what beautiful paintings you could create if you had the right help?


Learn advanced techniques for aspiring or professional artists

Aloha Friends, 

As an Individual, family and business, you  may request custom art events held at your location.

These classes can be booked on an hourly basis with a 3 
hour minimum. The class size is up to the organizer. 


The hourly price of $250 includes all paints, canvas and supplies for small groups. Large groups may have an additional supplies charge.

*The ideal size for advanced learning is 4 people and 4 hours.

Participants may choose the type of paints they want to use such as acrylic, oil, Genesis etc. I look forward to painting with you who are ready to get back to living through art.

You can contact me to discuss the unique particulars of your painting workshop request. I'll do my best to make it happen for you.

To schedule a workshop at your location email:

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